Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lindsey Jill.

This is my longest-time friend and one of my absolute favorite people, Lindsey Jill Bishop. We were born in the same cul de sac over 22 years ago and have been making memories ever since. Lindsey is the most outrageous person on the planet, in the very best way. She is by far my most risk-loving, adventure seeking, and fearless friend. She lives life completely on the edge and never thinks twice about it. I tend to be a little more logical, a lot more serious, and very prone to stress and worry; thus, Lindsey has always been a breath of fresh air for me. When we were kids, she had me building tree houses, jumping in rivers, doing flips off the high dive and getting into any kind of trouble possible. Being friends with her loosened me up and always brought out my adventurous side. When we were little, she taught me that school wasn't important and rules were for sissies. And I loved her for it. Lindsey has never been afraid of anything. Her enthusiasm for life and complete inability to be or act depressed means that she is a relief to be around. You will never walk away from a conversation with her without feeling reinvigorated and excited about life. She's run with the bulls in Spain, swam with crocodiles in South Africa, bathed in the Dead Sea, ridden camels through Jordan, watched a sunrise on Mt. Sinai, sat on the Pyramids in Egypt, watched the Olympics in Beijing and the list goes on. She makes the most of every minute and doesn't take life for granted.

Lindsey is the fourth youngest of ten kids. She was raised by an amazing family in an atmosphere where selfishness was an impossibility. Because of that, she is one of the most giving and charitable people I know. She would do anything for a member of her family, and anything for a stranger on the street. I remember in elementary school, there was a boy who was picked on by everyone. Kids were ruthless to him and he literally had only one friend: Lindsey Bishop. And even though she was made fun of for it, she never stopped being his friend. She's not afraid of anyone, and isn't affected by the "in crowd" or the "cool thing". She has always been strictly Lindsey; one of the most unique and real people I know.

I can't imagine there is anyone in this world who knows Lindsey and doesn't absolutely love being in her presence. She is hilarious, beautiful, exciting, witty, brave, kind, fearless, loud, spontaneous, bright, honest and most of all, true. Who she is will never change. She's been Lindsey Bishop since the day she was born, and she'll be that same person until the day she dies. Her consistency and loyalty to self are refreshing and inspiring. I can't say enough good about this person. She is everything wonderful and I love her.


  1. Well said Danielle! Every word couldn't be more true! And that boy in Elementary... I know exactly who you are talking about. And you're right, she was never afraid to be his friend! I need to be more like LJ!

  2. well said. We have been given many laughs and good times due to LJ. Good good times